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5th Sail 30th June 2010

This was a nightmare from start to finish! We went down to Bewl Valley for a race afternoon. We started off with our new main halyard in place. It ran really smoothly, but sadly as it wasn't rigged correctly we had trouble- I won't go into details, but we had to drop the mast to rectify this!

Then eventually out on the water everything was fine until we decided to test the gennaker. The lines were slightly tangled, so we had to land, pull it out and then sort out the lines, repack it then launch again!

Then out on the water for the second time, the race got underway. The course was one of those that has a clear down wind stretch, but also has another strech where you might get away with gennaker too. We struggled to get the gennaker flying, then when we did, we struggled to get it back down effectively. Eventually on several downwind turns to drop it it decided it preferred to hide underneath the  boat, where it got stuck! We sent dad over the bow to retreieve it. By this point we were well and truely out of the race and a bit fed up of the issues and poor winds!

Home time!