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3rd Sail 8th May

Sorry, this is a little retrospective, but I was busy and didn't get a mo to blog this sail!

Winds were predicted to be fairly calm for the day so I wasn't expecting much, but at the same time gennaker practise was the order of the day, so although not extreme, it was very freindly training speed of around 10knots.

When we arrived at the slipway we were entertained by a mini regatta of remote controlled boats! Good fun until we wanted to launch without sinking all of them in one foul swoop! At this point the wind speed was hitting the lofty heights of 5knots...

Staarted off with a bit of light wind sailing, getting the weight shift up front and ducking the side of the boat into the water to reduce drag...but that didn't quite satisfy- I had in mind something more extreme. Anyway, we've all had days like that- shame it wasn't even particularly sunny!

Gennaker wne twell though! We found on launching that we had (Ithink) the gennaker sheet on the wrong side of the line that travels up the centre of the sail. This didn't stop it working effectively, but it wasn't neat and wasn't helping keep the shape of the sail. So after a bit of precarious boat balancing we unthreaded the sheet and ran it on the other side and all was well.

The gennaker in light winds (up to 10 knots) was effective on a surprisingly wide range of sail points. At one stage we were almost an a broad reach with the gennaker providing effective forward momentum- tried this in slightly higher winds on my next sail with differing results- see next blog! Had a good day overall, enjoyed the all day breakfast in the club house- you know the wind is poor when your highlight of the day mentions lunch! But in terms of the sailing we develoiped our launch and retraction of the gennaker- I suspect the mistakes we made in higher winds wouldn't be forgiven, so I'm not sure quite how useful light wind practise is as it can lead to a bit of sloppiness that wouldn't be forgiven under normal weather conditions.