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The Topper Xenon Nationals 6th/7th June 2015

The Topper Xenon Nationals Bewl Valley Sailing Club 6th/7th June 2015 The weekend of the eagerly awaited Xenon Nationals finally arrived with the prospect of some mixed weather as far as wind speeds were concerned but the forecast was mostly sunny and dry. 12 boats registered for the event and we were very pleased to welcome 2 visiting boats from Haversham SC and from St Catherine’s SC in Jersey. Saturday morning was glorious but with wind speeds of approximately F4-5 with some lively gusts of considerably more. We all launched and immediately realised that this was going to be a challenging day for us all. The racing in all 4 races on Saturday was fast and furious, testing us all and our boats and resulting in many capsizes and near misses. We all enjoyed some exciting spinnaker runs which did not always go to plan and there were a couple of minor skirmishes but these were very good natured and with no serious damage. Several boats experienced gear failure, mostly issues with spinnakers but we all managed to complete the races with a real sense of achievement. Mr T and I did reasonably well but had a couple of swims and ended the day in the middle of the field. We all came in at the end of a long and tiring day feeling decidedly sore but with a great sense of achievement. The home crews did well, taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd places on the 1st day but with both visiting boats chasing very close behind. The day was finished off very nicely with a delicious and very sociable meal in the clubhouse with food expertly prepared by the club’s resident caterers. Sunday was a completely different day with very light winds of approx F1-2 but with the occasional gust and some really frustrating wind switches. These conditions tested us all in a very different way to those we experienced on Saturday but definitely favoured the lighter crews. Some excellent and skilful displays of helming and crewing were seen although Mr T and I found the conditions a little too tricky for us. We had a problem with a jammed spinnaker and never really managed to get up with the leaders but enjoyed watching the dramas and the close sparring at the front of the fleet. Others too had technical problems and one valiant helm managed to complete the 3 races with a broken tiller extension. Due to the light winds, the decision was taken to hold 3 races in the morning and finish at lunchtime. Following de-rigging and packing up, we met in the galley for tea and cake and the all important presentation. The results were very close and difficult to predict but in the end 1st, 2nd and 3rd places were taken by Bewl boats with the visiting boats giving us a run for our money. Full results are available on the Bewl website. The overwhelming and unanimous view was that we had all enjoyed a wonderful weekend in a beautiful location and with excellent company. All agreed that we are looking forward to competing again next year. As for Mr T and I, well it wasn’t our best result but we were delighted to have made it through the challenging conditions on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed both the sailing and the company.



Is there anyone who has a good mainsail available? I mine is worn down, I don't sail races but want a fast affordable sail again.

So anyone? a mylar mainsail available?