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Spring Update

Many of you reading this blog will, like us, have recently emerged from one of the stormiest winters on record. This has meant that we have experienced some rather exciting and challenging sailing conditions. Mr T and I have spent rather a lot of time this winter in the water but have now perfected our capsize recovery routine. We have also discovered the importance of checking that the Xenon is head to wind before trying to right it (we find that it may need a little encouragement to do this). On several occasions on windy days, we have performed what I call ‘a double whammy’ ie the boat comes up, only to be immediately knocked over the other way resulting in banged heads, a loss of dignity and a grumpy crew.

We have continued to race during the winter, along with a group of hardy Xenon sailors and whilst we have enjoyed (or sometimes endured) some very exciting racing, we are usually towards the middle or back of the Xenon fleet. We have never managed to be the 1st Xenon across the finish line.

As I write this blog, we have just returned from a gloriously warm and sunny day’s racing with light winds of F2-3 but with the usual wind shift and gust to keep us on our toes.

We were the 2nd Xenon across the line during the first race and despite a good start by all of the Xenons and some excellent sparring and close legs, the fleet had become rather strung out as we neared the end of the 2nd race. We were rather a long way behind ‘him in front’ with seemingly no chance of catching up. However, on the way to the final mark, we caught a lucky breeze and just managed to sneak round the mark in front to take to lead. Would it last ?....Well luckily for us it did and we crossed the finish line as lead Xenon for the first time, resulting in much excitement and childish ‘whooping’  from me.

As I was on a high following our success in the morning , I was persuaded to have a go at helming in the afternoon race which is usually quieter and more suitable for novices such as me. The picture below shows myself and another Xenon crew having a battle to be last (I am the one at the back!)  Both Mr T and the Xenon were very patient and forgiving as I zig-zagged around the course making all manner of errors but remarkably getting home not too far behind everyone else. I feel that it is probably safer for all if I stay at the front of the boat when racing but I was glad that I gave it a go.

The next challenge to look forward to is The Xenon Open (advertised on this site) on 24th May. We are looking forward the opportunity to sail with other Xenon sailors and the chance to meet up afterwards to compare notes. Happy sailing smiley

Two Xenon in a close finish