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Time for another go

April 2013

Following our first and rather eventful sail in our newly acquired Xenon we had another go a week later.

The weather was much more suitable for our 2nd attempt, being a F3-4 and with far fewer gusts. We had a good sail and managed a couple of successful hoists and started to feel much more confident (always a bad idea). On our 3rd hoist, the Xenon was going well and we even started planing when suddenly we became overpowered and as a complete newcomer to spinnaker handling, I had no idea how to react. I decided to use my equestrian skill which I developed when my horse bolted ie hold on tight and try and re-gain control. This was of course completely the wrong thing to do and over we went. This time however we both managed to get onto the side and the boat did not turtle and we stayed dry. Unfortunately as crew it was my job to get into the water and pull the spinnaker in and my trusty helm very quickly righted the boat.

We were extremely impressed at how quickly the Xenon drained and we were able to get underway again. Anyone else reading this blog who also used to own an Enterprise will understand our delight in this particular attribute!

We enjoyed the rest of our sail although I quickly discovered that a Xenon crew does not sit still for long and does in fact have to work quite hard. I have high hopes of a ‘washboard stomach’ and powerful biceps in the near future.

Our 3rd outing was last weekend during a club racing session and was in glorious sunshine but frustratingly light winds. I have always been convinced that light wind sailing more than strong wind sailing sorts the men from the boys and we struggled to keep up from the start and limped home at the back of the fleet with clearly much to learn. However, that’s all part of the fun and I’m quite sure we will eventually learn.

We are thoroughly enjoying getting to know our new boat, the only drawback being that there is for too much working week in between sailing days. However with longer days and evening sailing sessions on the way, we are looking forward to a lot more fun in the near future.