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21st May 2011 Novice Race

Wind was good today, it was fairly consistent- a bit changable in direction, but around 10-12knots. The race didn't start until the afternoon and consisted of two races. The first race was helmed by dad. We got off to a cracking start neck and neck in first position alongside a Laser 2000. We just pipped it at the post to the first buoy, but as we approached the buoy the wind changed and we had to tack around in order to clear the buoy. However as we tacked back toward the buoy the rest of the pack were catching up fast and because of the tack we were on port and had to tack again to give way- nightmare!! We went from first to pretty much last in a matter of a minute! Still, we didn't give up and the spinnaker made up some very valuable time on the downwind stretch.

I was helming the second race, we (more by luck than judgement) managed to get a fantastic start a good 20m in front of next competitor. The boat sailed well and we made few mistakes overall, there was one tack that I maybe took a little too agressively which resulted in the boat riding up high and both of us dangling out of the boat, neither of us having our feet in the toe straps, so there we are backsides sliding over the edge of the boat, legs in the air, thankfully by some miracle the boat started to level out and we were off again. Some good spinnaker runs kept us in the lead. I was a bit fedup that as we flew past a pico in the junior race with our spinnaker flying, they prompty cut on the inside of the buoy as we were faffing around dropping the spinnaker, but as they weren't in the same race as us I wasn't too bothered! We crossed the finish line in first position!!

At the prize giving we were more than a bit surprised to have come third overall!! So a bottle of wine and a 3rd place drinks coaster for us!! Hooorah!!