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15th May 2011 Club Championship

I don't know about you, but I tend to gauge how good a days racing it has been by how wet I get and how much I ache the following morning. Judging by the pain experienced on raising my head from the pillow it must have been a pretty good day! The race consisted of 3 races, 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

We got an early start on the water in order to ensure we were at the start line on time, it also gave us a bit of time to discuss the indecipherable flags, beeps and various racing rules before the serious stuff got underway. The wind was around 12knots but was pretty changeable in direction and speed. We spent some valuable time doing some practice starts and getting a feel for the wind. The start line was packed, not sure of the numbers, but about 20 boats, will need to check the results for that.

The start was postponed by 5 mins or so, so started at about 11:05. We tried to time our start just right so that we would start close to the commitee boat, but we were out by about 15 seconds, so started further up the line than we might havce wanted to- still gave us a confidence boost as it looked like we were in the lead- if a little off course!! By the time we hit the first mark we were about 3/4 of the way down the pack. Spinnaker runs gave us an advantage, but when the wind dropped we found the smaller boats were catching us quickly. First time in the water was as we rounded a buoy heading on a downwind course and were keen to get the spinnaker underway. As we turned we launched but the spinnaker, but the direction of launch wasn't downwind enough- we got dragged around by the pull of the sail and inevitably down!!

In the second race I had that dilemma when you are on a course that is taking you tight to the wind and just...only just taking you around the buoy- but obvioulsy the wind decided to change meaning I'm not going to make the buoy, but psychologically I am convinced the wind is going to bend to my will and change to get me around the buoy. There's a lesson in there somewhere! Needless to say I ended up in the no sail zone and eventually decided that a tack was the only option. Hey ho!

Eventually finished towards the back of the pack- that's all I'm saying!