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26th March First sail of the year

Well I was a little disappointed with the wind this weekend- I haven't been out on the boat since somwhere around October time and am feeling the need to be belting across Bewl water at break neck speeds...instead Dad and I experienced somwhere between 5-8knots. Oh well!

We started to rig the boat, but after popping the mast up had to drop it because of the arm at the end of the shroud lines wasn't sitting straight where it goes into the mast. Eventually got the boat rigged, decided there was no wind and went for a coffee!

Eventually got on to the water at about 10:30am. Wrapped up warm- but with the nice warm spell we've had this week I felt maybe slightly overdressed in my wetsuit, thick rash vest, thin rash vest, spray top and buoyancy aid.

It was good just to get back into the swing of sailing, the biggest benefit was that there was enough wind to fly the spinnaker and as there was no one else on the water (it reallly was light wind!) we could do a long down wind stretch practising jibing all over the place without the risk of being spotted making a cockup of it!

Aside from the downwind practice, cooked breakfast for lunch was certainly a highlight too! Sadly the other Xenon got on the water just as we were coming in for lunch, but with the smell of bacon on the wind I'm afraid lunch won!

Hoping to get out in a few weeks time for what I hope will be cyclonic fun!