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Xenon Dinghy as a family boat

As this rather disappointing summer draws to its close we decided that our promise to the grandchildren of a ride in 'our boat' would have to be very soon or left to next year. We were looking for a sunny day with winds below 10 knots. The forecast for today seemed ideal, winds of 8 knots and temperature of 23°C. Plenty of safety boats on the Reservoir was also a comforting factor.

Xenon Dinghy torpedoed!

We set out for a pleasant Wednesday evening sail - attracted by the forecast of stronger winds. The racing format for Weds evenings is very informal. Each race consists of a single lap and there are usually 3 races. The Race officer very kindly and cheerfully volunteers his services for the enjoyment of us all, even though he also is a keen sailor.  Those racing on Weds evenings are often the very knowledgeable ones, so we are used to trailing in at the end of the field.

First attempt to use the Xenon Trapeze

It was Weds evening and strong winds were forecast. In the event the winds averaged around 12 knots with some strong blasts and very sudden lulls. Not ideal for a first attempt at Trapezing in the Xenon dinghy.

21st May 2011 Novice Race

Wind was good today, it was fairly consistent- a bit changable in direction, but around 10-12knots. The race didn't start until the afternoon and consisted of two races. The first race was helmed by dad. We got off to a cracking start neck and neck in first position alongside a Laser 2000. We just pipped it at the post to the first buoy, but as we approached the buoy the wind changed and we had to tack around in order to clear the buoy.

15th May 2011 Club Championship

I don't know about you, but I tend to gauge how good a days racing it has been by how wet I get and how much I ache the following morning. Judging by the pain experienced on raising my head from the pillow it must have been a pretty good day! The race consisted of 3 races, 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

A day on the Safety / Rescue Boat

Set off on a sunny day looking forward to a big Competition Racing day at Bewl Water. Discovered that my usual partner was crocked. Apparently a degenerative disease called Twomushracing. Instead of competing I thought a might give my newly acquired basic qualification of Club Race Officer an airing, so off I trotted off to the Race Officer for the day.  He took one look at me and said I don't need anybody but you can come along anyway!

Racing in the Xenon 08/05/2011

Pleasantly warm day starting at 14C and rising to 17C. Showers at first but then sunny spells. The broadly westerly wind averaged 11 knots for most of the day but the wind was fitful and changeable requiring a lot of concentration by the Helm.

26th March First sail of the year

Well I was a little disappointed with the wind this weekend- I haven't been out on the boat since somwhere around October time and am feeling the need to be belting across Bewl water at break neck speeds...instead Dad and I experienced somwhere between 5-8knots. Oh well!

We started to rig the boat, but after popping the mast up had to drop it because of the arm at the end of the shroud lines wasn't sitting straight where it goes into the mast. Eventually got the boat rigged, decided there was no wind and went for a coffee!

Wow what a ride!

One of the best days sailing in the Xenon so far.

Cold day, started at 2°C with water temperature 4°C, but lovely sunny sky and the view from the reservoir was beautiful. The wind was a consistent 14 knots with gusts up to 18 knots. Ideal spinnaker weather. The Race Officers choice of course did not disappoint. See the layout below. Incidentally the symbols at the top of the layout indicate the buoys on the course and how they should be passed, ie to port or starboard.

First Sail of 2011

Temperature 11°C sunny but fierce winds average 19 knots with gusts in excess of 30 knots. The water was very cold at 4°C with the largest waves I have seen on the reservoir.
Not possible to easily launch stern first as is usual. Instead pulled trolley into the water and turned into the wind to keep boat stable.  The wind strength determined that we set off with a reefed mainsail


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