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A good night on the Xenon Trapeze

A lovely sunny evening with a stiff breeze across the reservoir - just the ticket!  I did however misjudge the beautiful conditions..... yes there was a stiff NE breeze but in the shelter of the launch area it seemed rather lighter than it was.  I decide to sail in nothing more than running shorts, usual Tee shirt with the trapeze harness.  We also decided to dispense with the floats. We quickly rigged and launched and the Xenon took off very nicely.

Dozy Crew to Dozy Helm

Hold on to your hats

Sunday 9th June 2013

Time for another go

April 2013

Following our first and rather eventful sail in our newly acquired Xenon we had another go a week later.

Superb weekend sailing in the Xenon

I have managed to sail almost weekly throughout a most awful English winter. Apart from the ice and snow the wind was either totally absent or blowing a gale - the day we organised a 'Xenon Have a Go day' we were able to look at videos and discuss capsize procedure - but sailing? no chance the reservoir was like a mill pond. Last week we were sailing through a thin sheet of ice.   However this weekend......   lots and lots of wind with superb sailing.

A difficult start

March 2013 - 

Hi, I am a relatively new (and somewhat reluctant) dinghy sailor, having started sailing with my husband 3 years ago in an effort to find a mutually enjoyable hobby. We have been sailing an Enterprise and have had really good fun with it but decided that it was time to move on to a slightly more modern boat which we could attempt to race in the Fast Handicap fleet at our sailing club (Bewl Valley in Kent).

Xenon Racing

Sunday 1st July 2012

Very windy 16-18 knots with occasional blows up to 25 knots. Bewl Safety boats very busy!

Bewl Water experience 29 April 2012

What an experience and what a day! I did not realise sailing could be so enjoyable for an old Granddad.

Arrived in pouring rain and strong winds. F5 fairly consistently, frequent F6 gusts maxing at F7 just for good measure. Put the helmet and camera on in the expectations of some good filming and I was not disappointed! It is in conditions like this that a dry suit is almost essential. The extreme wind, driving rain and spray would be very chilling without the suit.


17th Sept 2011: My first trapeze experience and 3 capsizes and 2 turtles

Winds were around 15knots, gusting to around 24 knots. It wasn't a race day, so a good opportunity to try out the gennaker in higher winds than I've been out in for a while. Also a good chance to get the trapeze 'nappy' on and see how it goes...and at least if we go in, we won't lose a position!

Gennaker running

Isle of Sheppey race - A Xenon viewpoint

53rd Isle Of Sheppey Round the Island Race in a Topper Xenon
helm/crew:  Colin Gibson / Mark Thomas

Notes on the Event.
* The race is an annual event run by the Isle of Sheppey Sailing Club.
* The Isle of Sheppey Sailing Clubs website has loads of information about the event.
* Billed as the longest dinghy race in Europe it is about a 40 mile course around the Isle of Sheppey, which includes the Thames estuary, river Swale and river Medway.
* There are 4 No. Starts briefly described as slow dinghies/sailboards, medium dinghies, fast dinghies and catamaran. Xenons (PY1070) are in the 2nd (Medium dinghies) start. See a video clip of the start in which the distinctive black gennakers of the two Xenon dinghies can be seen.
* One of the key parts of the course is the low bridge across the Swale approximately 2/3rds round the course. All boats have to be heeled onto the side and walked under the bridge.

Notes For the Day.


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