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Fast Handicap Racing in the Xenon

When we started sailing the idea of racing never entered our thoughts. We merely wished to learn to handle a dinghy and enjoy a sail on a sunny day. Much later, after buying the Xenon we happened to be sailing on a day that Bewl Valley SC were staging a Novice Race - anyone could sign up and the rules were relaxed.  We took part and did not do very well but nevertheless managed to hold our own. However taking part in that informal race was an eye opener for us. During the RYA Level 2 course much advice was given on getting best performance from the dinghy.

The Novice Race

Pleasant sunny day. Northerly winds of 12 - 14 knots but heavy gusts up to 23 knots. Arrived in morning to practice and then take part in the Novice Race in the afternoon. The reservoir is at a low level at present and launching has to be gradual due to the very shallow waters (ie rudder and centreboard cannot be fully deployed until many yards off shore).

Some Gennaker practice

It was a warm, pleasant day, overcast with a few spots of rain. Aerage wind in Bewl Water was 7 knots but punctuated by some fairly strong sustained gusts. Intention was to practice launching, retrieval and Gybing with the Xenon gennaker.

Start Racing Course at Bewl Valley SC 10/11 July 2010

This RYA Course was organised by Bewl Valley Sailing Club. It was a superb course with three highly skilled instructors, including the Clubs professional. Approximately 18 boats took part from Toppers, Wayfarers, Feva, Magno and Xenon etc a real successful mix!

A sneaky weekday sail

Sailed on Weds 16 June - Force 5 - 6 - what a sail!


Normally mid week sailing is not on because work gets in the way but both Tim and I struck lucky on Weds. Arrived at Bewl Water and noted some movement in the trees, Little sign of sailing going on - they were all sheltering in the lagoon! The lower wind speed was around 18 knots with maximum gusts of 28 knots!



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