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17th Sept 2011: My first trapeze experience and 3 capsizes and 2 turtles

Winds were around 15knots, gusting to around 24 knots. It wasn't a race day, so a good opportunity to try out the gennaker in higher winds than I've been out in for a while. Also a good chance to get the trapeze 'nappy' on and see how it goes...and at least if we go in, we won't lose a position!

Gennaker running

21st May 2011 Novice Race

Wind was good today, it was fairly consistent- a bit changable in direction, but around 10-12knots. The race didn't start until the afternoon and consisted of two races. The first race was helmed by dad. We got off to a cracking start neck and neck in first position alongside a Laser 2000. We just pipped it at the post to the first buoy, but as we approached the buoy the wind changed and we had to tack around in order to clear the buoy.

15th May 2011 Club Championship

I don't know about you, but I tend to gauge how good a days racing it has been by how wet I get and how much I ache the following morning. Judging by the pain experienced on raising my head from the pillow it must have been a pretty good day! The race consisted of 3 races, 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

26th March First sail of the year

Well I was a little disappointed with the wind this weekend- I haven't been out on the boat since somwhere around October time and am feeling the need to be belting across Bewl water at break neck speeds...instead Dad and I experienced somwhere between 5-8knots. Oh well!

We started to rig the boat, but after popping the mast up had to drop it because of the arm at the end of the shroud lines wasn't sitting straight where it goes into the mast. Eventually got the boat rigged, decided there was no wind and went for a coffee!

10th & 11th July 2010 Start Racing RYA course

A weekend of sailing- fantastic! Wind guru did its usual guess work and got it wrong, suggesting Saturday would be between 0 and 1 knot! It was fairly calm in the morning, with 5-8 knots, but the afternoon was a little more lively hitting somewhere around 10 knots. Sunday was more exciting at around 14-16knots!

The format of the weekend was:


  • Practice starts
  • Practice races
  • Follow the leader
  • Course sailing/racing
  • And theory of course!


5th Sail 30th June 2010

This was a nightmare from start to finish! We went down to Bewl Valley for a race afternoon. We started off with our new main halyard in place. It ran really smoothly, but sadly as it wasn't rigged correctly we had trouble- I won't go into details, but we had to drop the mast to rectify this!

Then eventually out on the water everything was fine until we decided to test the gennaker. The lines were slightly tangled, so we had to land, pull it out and then sort out the lines, repack it then launch again!

4th Sail 22nd May

Well WindGuru predicted some dreadful winds of 5-7 knots right up until the day before the sail, when it was suggesting 10, progressing to 14 in the afternoon.


Today is novice race day!! Hooray!! We were definitely up for some racing; and having mastered the gennaker in very light winds, felt sure that slightly better winds would add pace to our big boat with a helm and 2 crew, giving us the advantage we needed.


3rd Sail 8th May

Sorry, this is a little retrospective, but I was busy and didn't get a mo to blog this sail!

Winds were predicted to be fairly calm for the day so I wasn't expecting much, but at the same time gennaker practise was the order of the day, so although not extreme, it was very freindly training speed of around 10knots.

When we arrived at the slipway we were entertained by a mini regatta of remote controlled boats! Good fun until we wanted to launch without sinking all of them in one foul swoop! At this point the wind speed was hitting the lofty heights of 5knots...

pre-3rd Sail of the season

We're planning on taking her out next weekend for a burn across Bewl. The plan- test out the new addition of a trapeze and see how fast we can go with the Gennaker out!

We're booked in for a novice race later in May, so we want to improve our speed sailing. Have been reading up on tips from the Captain's Blog ( who seems to have got a good deal more sailing out of this season than we have!

2nd Sail: 5th April 2010

Went down to Bewl Water on bank holiday Easter Monday. Me, my brother and my dad were going to do a bit of sailing in the morning then catch up with the family to take part in the afternoon Easter events (face painting, egg throwing, Easter fancy dress, Easter egg hunt etc.-must point out that between me and my brother we have 4 kids)!



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