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Xenon Sailing Guide

The Xenon is primarily designed as a two handed high performance dinghy but its size and comfortable seating / hiking facilities also make it an excellent day cruising dinghy. The purpose of this Guide is to bring together advice and tips gathered from the experiences of Xenon owners that may help you to handle the dinghy more easily and gain the maximum enjoyment from sailing it. If you have tips / advice / experience that will be helpful please let us know and it will be added to the site.

A number of videos of the Xenon dinghy in action accompany this Guide by way of illustration.

The videos used in the Sailing Guide are listed here for those who simply wish to see some examples of the Xenon dinghy on the water.

Upwind sailing in a stiff breeze

First attempts at using the Trapeze

Upwind sailing Guide

Using the Xenon gennaker

Using the Gennaker is simple

The Xenon running at full power

The Xenon gives plenty of warning before a capsize

The Xenon as a Family boat

The topics covered in the Xenon sailing Guide are listed below